AltSpace is a full-service computer graphics studio creating cutting-edge graphics and experiences

We create
likeable content

Social media overcomes cultural and linguistic barriers, providing a uniform and consistent manner of communication to wide-ranging audiences. We create insanely realistic, absolutely irresistible digital content which sets records for likes, comments
and shares across all the social media channels.

We digitalize experience

Technology opens new exciting opportunities to the hospitality of any level, from paddock and VIP lounges to gala events. Today’s audience gets more excited about digital experiences than by exquisite cuisine and drinks.
We created and tested a range of solutions that not only extend live viewing but also can connect and engage audiences across continents in real time.

Showreel 2019

We are a team with strong engineering experience–that's why we work fast and securely on the forefront of the digital content industry.

We are full of enthusiasm–so feel free to message us at to request credentials, send a brief or brainstorm your ideas together.