AltSpace is a full-service computer graphics studio. Our clients are the most technologically advanced companies across the world, and we are very proud to deliver the service which meets their highest expectations.

We create likeable content

We reconstruct the objects with meticulous preciseness and turn them into exciting and super engaging content. It works on social media collecting hundreds of thousands of likes as well as online live broadcasts and offline events.

We digitalize experience

We provide the most detailed edutainment experience in 3D or virtual reality making the most complicates technology accessible to literally everyone. Studies show that our content is irresistible and most likely watched till the end.

Showreel 2018

We are a team with strong engineering experience–that's why we work fast and securely on the forefront of the digital content industry.

We are full of enthusiasm–so feel free to message us at to request credentials, send a brief or brainstorm your ideas together.