We believe that the most exciting part of every product is a story kept inside

Performing at the ultimate level, we integrate engineering and artistic expertise to deliver a unique vision and innovative ideas for breathtaking product demonstrations.

Think of superyachts, which are hybrid, and can operate both by sail and electrical velocity. Think of innovative AI-driven sports cars with complicated mechanisms and technologies. Think of engineers who are true rockstars. This is what we stand for.

Showreel 2018

Your business needs are the paramount factors in choosing the right mix of media for your project

From our side, you can always expect scrupulous work on every detail and wholehearted dedication to the result of the final product. This, in turn, will certainly create new waves of excitement for you and your clients.

AltSpace will become your trusted partner in both B2B innovative products pitching and B2C interactive experiences. Whether it is a sneak peek render, or a technically credible visualization of a developing product, we have the necessary skills to create them from scratch.