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The latest virtual reality experience by AltSpace reveals the future of transportation system called Hyperloop - a concept developed by SpaceX. TU Delft team has set to redefine the transportation system as we know it by proposing a solution that combines innovative design and practical functionality. Our task was to develop a VR application for events which would introduce users to the future of high-speed transportation: its design, implemented innovations, and principles of work.

The experience, built on Unreal Engine 4, allows to explore the composition of the station and the pod’s amenities, to study the interior and exterior of the vehicle whilst enjoying the minimalist design and being educated on the concept. This project has become a bridge connecting the technologies of the innovative transportation system and the latest developments in real-time graphics, thereby, finding public interest and worldwide coverage by the media.

One of the main technical challenges was to find a balance between effective optimization of the high-poly 3D-scene to meet the hard- and software requirements of real-time graphics without compromising the quality and attention to details which are the signature highlights of AltSpace studio.

Special attention was given to creating a multi-faceted sound that is crucial for a comfortable perception of sound layers. For informational and educational purposes, the experience contains narrative and navigational messages. The background music and sound design of the environment set the tone for a lively atmosphere and exploration.

In order to enrich the experience even further, we introduced animations of passengers and pods, infographic screens and navigational elements, as well as the outside environment that simulates the panoramic views during the trip.

At the Hyperloop Pod Competition held in July 2019 at SapceX headquaters, everyone had a chance to experience the future of transportation via the interactive virtual reality application.

Elon Musk taking a glimpse of the future Hyperloop concept
TU Delft team at the Hyperloop pod competition


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