Formula E Gen2 Car Livery Design

Formula E Gen2 Car Livery Design


Formula E


Formula E Gen2 car, according to numerous fan reviews, resembles a Batmobile and aircraft hybrid. From the very beginning, we had a breathtaking vision of conveying drive, movement, and aggression at once. We set out to emphasize the elegance of the curves and distribute the emphasis of the car, using the harmonious combination of the pattern, gradient, and accentuating lines along the car body.

This gave the car a sense of driving dynamics and speed; in particular, the aerodynamics concepts gave rise to the chosen pattern, while the gradient aimed to complicate, extend and emphasize the frontal part of the car.

As a part of the teaser pack, we created a press-kit with images showing the Formula E car on the streets of different cities.

New York

Of course, the final livery was born through a comprehensive research to make sure our design fits this innovative car like a second skin. Here are some of the the intermediate solutions we went through before coming up with the approved livery.


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